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A picture of my pup out snowshoeing the other day.

Well winter is well upon us and I am ready for it to be done. The holiday season was fun and filled with joy. I got to spend a good amount of time with my family and my children are old enough this year to have a good time Christmas morning which is fun for everyone, (Except that they got up at 5AM to open presents). I was able to stay with my Paleo lifestyle quite well since my family is adopting this lifestyle as well. I did however have a few cocktails and quite a few on New Years. We had a good time but I don’t think that alcohol is worth dabbling in. After the holidays were over my family was able to get back into our routine and that is when the winter blues set in.
My symptoms have come back a little bit since the holiday season. Nothing too severe but a little numbness and tingling in the legs and stomach. I don’t know if it is caused due to the alcohol that I drank, the couple cookies that I snuck, the cold that I have been fighting for over 2 weeks, the lack of sunlight or a little bit of all of them. Whatever the cause it makes me want to take care of my body and health even more. I am still amazed at how much exercise (or lack there of) effects my MS. When my legs feel very tired and the numbness comes back a good 3-5 mile run will make me feel almost 100% again.
On that note, to keep my motivation up I have signed up for quite a few triathlons and running races over the spring, summer, and fall. The spring ones especially keep me moving now because there is not enough time to train for them once spring comes. I have been doing hot yoga once a week and try to fit in another session when I can. The stretching is very good but more importantly the mental clarity and reset that I get from it is the biggest benefit. I also make a point to get out side when the sun is shining no matter what the temperature, (Although -20 Fahrenheit is pushing it). I am becoming a huge believer in the healing power of the sun. I don’t know if it is the vitamin D or just the warmth on my skin but it can instantly change my frame of mind.
In closing, winters are hard. They get a little depressing, the days are short and there is little sunshine, but I try to keep motivated and busy. I read books to keep my mind working, I exercise for fitness and to fight off the MS. You have to keep on keeping on, and just think, without winter spring wouldn’t be as exciting!!

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I’m Back!  It has been a while since I have written so here is just a quick post.  Things have been good but very busy with work and the holiday season.  It has been 9 months since my first severe onset of MS.  When we first decided that it was most likely Multiple Sclerosis (thanks to the internet) I decided to adopt the Paleo Lifestyle, and let me tell you that it is great!  My symptoms went away rather quickly and have stayed away for the most part.  There are still some days when I am stressed or overly tired that a few of the existing symptoms will come back lightly. Nothing as bad as the first major episode.

It has been 7 months since my MRI that showed the lesions on my spine and brain and 7 months since I was officially diagnosed and 7 months since I made the decision to not do any drugs or steroids.  I was putting my faith in my diet and exercise.  About a month ago I got another set of MRI’s done and today I met with my neurologist to go over the results.  No new progress!!!  I will call that a victory.  I know that I have not had this disease for a very long time so it is a little too early to start claiming that I have beat it, but no new progress, no drugs, no steroids, and I the fact that I am getting healthier, more physically fit, and even trying out new sports is enough to keep me on the  right track.

I know that I have talked about the Paleo Lifestyle in past posts but I truly believe that our bodies are capable of so much healing and prevention if we give it what it needs, or rather stop putting harmful things in it.  I will leave this post with that.  I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!  2014 is going to be a great year!!!!!!!


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Time to be stress free

Posted: October 6, 2013 in Health, Lifestyle
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Time to be stress free

Enjoying the Scenery on my ride.

The other day I went for a 30 mile road bike ride and it was absolutely the best day of the year for cycling.  It was about 70 degrees with a slight southern breeze of about 4 mph.  The sun was shining but in a way that you were just fine if you didn’t have sunglasses on.

I am always competing and rarely stop when I am on my bike.  Whether it be with myself, Strava, or training for an upcoming event.  But on this day (though I did get a K.O.M.) I made 3 stops along my ride to take in the beautiful scenery that Mother Nature has to offer this fall and even snapped a few photos.  The picture above is one of the lovely roads that I was lucky enough to enjoy.  This brings me to my topic today.  Living Stress Free                                                                                                                                                                              I have noticed a lot of articles lately about the importance of eliminating stress from your life.  The amount of harm that stress can do your body is quite remarkable, and in today’s fast paced life we are all living with loads of stress that we do not even notice.  We are always by a phone, checking emails, checking facebook or twitter.  In a rush to drive somewhere.  In a rush to get dinner whipped up as quickly as possible.  If your like me you are tied to your cell phone for work so you never feel as though you have a day off.  Here are a few things that i have started to implement into my day that have helped me stay calm and stress free. (at the least, less stressed!)

When I wake up on the morning I try to take a few minutes to myself before anyone else wakes up.  I will usually go to a room by myself and think about how fortunate I am that I am able to take in a new day.  That my MS is not winning.  That I was able to provide a safe home for my family to sleep in last night.  Your thoughts don’t have to be deep, meaningful, drawn out thoughts.  Just come up with a few simple things that you are thankful for and say them to yourself.  Then repeat them to yourself through out the day.

I find when you are a little worked up.  Say dealing with the children or sitting in traffic. Taking deep breaths in through your nose (as deep as you can) and then letting them out slowly really helps calm your body.  I do this throughout the day and reflect on my morning thoughts as I do this.  It helps bring you back to your calm, happy state.

My final thought has to do with the picture above.  I am really learning to slow down, take in the simple things in life.  Mother Nature has so many amazing, beautiful settings/moments every minute of every day that we pass right on by because we are in such a hurry.  So next time you are driving and the traffic is moving a little slow, look around and see what you can take in.  If your on a run or a ride, it’s OK and healthy to stop and look at your surroundings.  It won’t destroy your workout and your mental side of the workout will thank you.

I hope these thoughts help you in your journey to be stress free!!