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It has been approximately 1 year since my first major onset of multiple sclerosis and a lot in my life has changed.  I would have to say though that it has all been for the positive. I remember at about this time last year my legs were completely numb and that feeling would spread all the way up to my chest.  I couldn’t get to bathrooms fast enough and would have to wake up at least 3 times a night to use the bathroom.  I was getting horrible migraines where the only time I would get out of bed all day was to throw up.  I was severely depressed to where I didn’t want to do anything or see anybody.  I remember 1 night where I woke up to find I had wet the bed (at age 31) and thinking “this disease is taking over my life this quickly”.  That was one of the more depressing times that I can remember.  I didn’t have a whole lot of hope after that.  All I could think of was wheel chairs and catheters.

Then my wife stumbled across Dr. Terry Wahls on the internet and everything has changed since then.  I started the paleo diet, I started exercising again, and I started eliminating stresses in my life and learned how to relax more.  With those changes I am happy to say that 1 year later I am feeling great!  I have minimal amount of numbness and I can usually pinpoint what has caused it.  I continue with the diet and am constantly working on improving what I eat.  I continue to workout and am currently in the best shape I have ever been.  I have dropped my running times from 9 minute miles when I started running 2 years ago to 7 minute miles currently.  I am signed up for a bunch of running races and triathlons this summer and I can’t wait for it to warm up so I can get outside.

One of the few times I ran outside this winter.

One of the few times I ran outside this winter.

It has been a long, cold, hard winter.  I think we had something like 45-50 days below zero.  That has made it hard to stay sane.  A lot of days stuck inside.  I tried to get out and run or snowshoe when I could but the weather just made it miserable if not dangerous.  I was able to stay fairly active thanks to my stationary trainer and my treadmill.  Very boring, but it helps with mental toughness.  Even with it being one of the hardest winters I can remember my health is 100 times better then it was a year ago.  So something I am doing is working.  This gives me a lot of hope for the future.  I am especially excited for this spring and summer.  We are getting more chickens for both eggs and eating and I can’t wait to get our garden growing and start eating foods from my own land.  I am also excited for the arrival of our third child come the end of August.  A little nervous though to have 3 year old twins and a newborn…

I read a couple of good books this winter and just yesterday started “The Wahls Protocal”. ( I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone, especially anyone with MS or an autoimmune disease.  It really goes into depth about how our body works and how it uses the foods and nutrients that we put into our bodies.  Another good book that I recommend reading is “The Grain Brain”. This one also talks about nutrition and how foods effect our bodies and how what we are told to eat today by the media, corporations and even our government is completely wrong.  (I’m not trying to get into conspiracies but I truly believe this and my health is proof).  It is written by a neurologist which I think makes it even more interesting because it is the one of the first books that is connecting foods/nutrients with every part of our body. Not just your stomach and intestines.

Well I hope everyone had a good winter and I will try to stay more current with my posts.

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I’m Back!  It has been a while since I have written so here is just a quick post.  Things have been good but very busy with work and the holiday season.  It has been 9 months since my first severe onset of MS.  When we first decided that it was most likely Multiple Sclerosis (thanks to the internet) I decided to adopt the Paleo Lifestyle, and let me tell you that it is great!  My symptoms went away rather quickly and have stayed away for the most part.  There are still some days when I am stressed or overly tired that a few of the existing symptoms will come back lightly. Nothing as bad as the first major episode.

It has been 7 months since my MRI that showed the lesions on my spine and brain and 7 months since I was officially diagnosed and 7 months since I made the decision to not do any drugs or steroids.  I was putting my faith in my diet and exercise.  About a month ago I got another set of MRI’s done and today I met with my neurologist to go over the results.  No new progress!!!  I will call that a victory.  I know that I have not had this disease for a very long time so it is a little too early to start claiming that I have beat it, but no new progress, no drugs, no steroids, and I the fact that I am getting healthier, more physically fit, and even trying out new sports is enough to keep me on the  right track.

I know that I have talked about the Paleo Lifestyle in past posts but I truly believe that our bodies are capable of so much healing and prevention if we give it what it needs, or rather stop putting harmful things in it.  I will leave this post with that.  I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!  2014 is going to be a great year!!!!!!!


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I have changed the name of my blog to: Wake up and Tri.  All post from Riant’s Words are now posted on this site. You can access it at


This past week has been somewhat of a battle for me.  We will start with last Sunday.  I took a trip down to Minneapolis with a couple of buddies to go mountain biking at a few different areas.  At the first location, only about 5 miles into our ride I took a pretty substantial digger on an elevated bridge.  The result…. Our trip was over.  I was very close to being knocked out and definitely had a concussion and was in a lot of pain.  Being that I was on an elevated bridge, (more like a 6″x6″ beam) when I put my hands down to break my fall there was nothing for my hands to hit.  Therefore I broke the fall with my jaw and shoulder.  On the ride home I was very concerned that I may have really hurt myself.  I couldn’t raise my arm and my jaw was huge.  (it looked like Quagmire’s jaw from Family Guy).  The next day (Monday) I went and got X-Rays to clear the air.  I was OK.  This was a good wake up call though.  As I mentioned above the ride home was a good time to do some thinking.  Am I going to be able to work this week?  I’m not going to be able to pick up my children,  I just ended my season, what if I am really hurt.  Maybe riding across obstacles isn’t worth it anymore. 


Anyway, that was the start to my week.  Along with being in pain my MS has started to act up again.  My legs start to get the numb feeling which is what I experienced about a year ago when this all started.  It is very stressful because I don’t know if it is just an old symptom acting up again,  A new lesion forming and the disease is progressing and I am one day closer to a wheel chair (that is unfortunately one of the  depressing thoughts that I always have lingering somewhere in the back of my head),  Or is it just part of the MS that I have and this is what I have to deal with?  Usually when my legs start to get a strange feeling I go for a run and that seems to help make them feel better.  Unfortunately my left meniscus is torn and I have a surgery scheduled for the first week in November, so running is not an option.  My second remedy is to go for a long road bike ride both for the exercise and the peace of mind I get from being out on the road.  Well it has been raining for a week straight so that is not an option either.  My final option is to ride indoors on my trainer.  It gets my legs moving and helps a little bit but it is not as effective as the first two options.  So what do you do? I’ll tell you what you do!  You look around at your life and be thankful for all of the things that you do have going for you.  In my case, the positive thoughts for this week were.. I didn’t break my jaw or my shoulder, I’m not in a wheel chair, I’m able to walk, ride my bikes, and exercise, I have a wonderful home to hang out in with my wonderful family while the weather outside is not so nice.

Life is a battle everyday.  Some days are a lot harder then others.  But at the end of the day there is somebody that is always having a harder day.  Find all of the positives that you can.  Try to make other peoples days better.  That simple act alone can turn your whole day around!

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Time to be stress free

Posted: October 6, 2013 in Health, Lifestyle
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Time to be stress free

Enjoying the Scenery on my ride.

The other day I went for a 30 mile road bike ride and it was absolutely the best day of the year for cycling.  It was about 70 degrees with a slight southern breeze of about 4 mph.  The sun was shining but in a way that you were just fine if you didn’t have sunglasses on.

I am always competing and rarely stop when I am on my bike.  Whether it be with myself, Strava, or training for an upcoming event.  But on this day (though I did get a K.O.M.) I made 3 stops along my ride to take in the beautiful scenery that Mother Nature has to offer this fall and even snapped a few photos.  The picture above is one of the lovely roads that I was lucky enough to enjoy.  This brings me to my topic today.  Living Stress Free                                                                                                                                                                              I have noticed a lot of articles lately about the importance of eliminating stress from your life.  The amount of harm that stress can do your body is quite remarkable, and in today’s fast paced life we are all living with loads of stress that we do not even notice.  We are always by a phone, checking emails, checking facebook or twitter.  In a rush to drive somewhere.  In a rush to get dinner whipped up as quickly as possible.  If your like me you are tied to your cell phone for work so you never feel as though you have a day off.  Here are a few things that i have started to implement into my day that have helped me stay calm and stress free. (at the least, less stressed!)

When I wake up on the morning I try to take a few minutes to myself before anyone else wakes up.  I will usually go to a room by myself and think about how fortunate I am that I am able to take in a new day.  That my MS is not winning.  That I was able to provide a safe home for my family to sleep in last night.  Your thoughts don’t have to be deep, meaningful, drawn out thoughts.  Just come up with a few simple things that you are thankful for and say them to yourself.  Then repeat them to yourself through out the day.

I find when you are a little worked up.  Say dealing with the children or sitting in traffic. Taking deep breaths in through your nose (as deep as you can) and then letting them out slowly really helps calm your body.  I do this throughout the day and reflect on my morning thoughts as I do this.  It helps bring you back to your calm, happy state.

My final thought has to do with the picture above.  I am really learning to slow down, take in the simple things in life.  Mother Nature has so many amazing, beautiful settings/moments every minute of every day that we pass right on by because we are in such a hurry.  So next time you are driving and the traffic is moving a little slow, look around and see what you can take in.  If your on a run or a ride, it’s OK and healthy to stop and look at your surroundings.  It won’t destroy your workout and your mental side of the workout will thank you.

I hope these thoughts help you in your journey to be stress free!!